5 Ways to Maximize and Maintain Value with iMFLUX

iMFLUX is a closed loop system that converts a conventional injection molding process into a smart, low constant pressure process. It works on virtually any press and mold, requiring no changes to the mold. Once installed on a press, the iMFLUX system can be utilized to lower pressure, reduce cycle time, improve part quality, reduce part weight, lower scrap rate, and improve sustainability.

Customers are seeing benefits in all these areas, in virtually all material categories, and all injection molding industries. iMFLUX provides value in many areas. The questions are:

What are the best ways to maximize the value iMFLUX provides?


While iMFLUX, with its basic pressure and time settings, is much simpler than conventional injection molding setup, it is a new method of injection molding and does require a shift in thinking.

iMFLUX provides introductory and advanced education courses, both in person and online via our Learning Management System (LMS), with every box purchased. This training walks the user through everything from a basic understanding of the iMFLUX methodology, to advanced range finding and design of experiments (DOEs). This provides the tools for the user to fully own their robust process setup and maintenance. Learn more about the different training opportunities here: Education

The customers who get the best value out of iMFLUX are those who take ownership of their education, taking full advantage of our training offerings and adopting the iMFLUX methodology across their plant and culture. When this is invested in 1 or 2 people in a site, the risk of turnover or regression to past methods will be high.  Widely adopting this education and training across an organization provides quick process development with more robust processes, while advancing the trouble shooting capabilities on the floor. iMFLUX provides many advanced engineering practices that often help increase the capability of customer teams.

Auto Viscosity Adjust ™

Auto Viscosity Adjust (AVA) is a feature of the iMFLUX system that automatically adjusts the process when virtually any source of process variation is detected such as highly variable materials, and machine, mold, and environmental variation. At its core, AVA looks for a certain amount of travel, after the check ring has been set using our Melt Travel™ functionality, in a set amount of time. If the viscosity of the material changes, AVA will automatically adjust the process to compensate, preventing shorts and flash. AVA also works great with cavity pressure sensors, gaining even further accuracy, but they are not required.

Once a process has been validated, AVA should always be utilized. It allows for larger variation in material, from wider spec. resins or increased regrind content, while decreasing scrap rate. This feature greatly improves shot to shot consistency and helps maximize value in the face of high variation.

Trouble Shooting

While the education course provides a great understanding of troubleshooting the iMFLUX process, there are other resources available when needed. On the Help screen, there are PDF documents that can be accessed right in the HMI. Documents like the User Guide and Basic Trouble Shooting Guide can help provide extra insight, should it be needed, to correct any issues with the process.

Furthermore, iMFLUX’s newest software, v 9.0.2, provides a new feature: E-mail Support. E-mail Support allows the user to select an issue and automatically email the iMFLUX service team right from the HMI. In the background, this feature pulls pertinent information like customer name/location, time of the issue, and last 10 alarms and changes. This helps increase response time and resolve any issues that require our service team quickly and efficiently.


On top of AVA working automatically to manage variation in the process, the iMFLUX technology has other features to help protect against defects and issues. AVA itself has minimum and maximum values that can be entered to cap the range AVA can adjust the process. This can be beneficial to allow for the maximum amount of variation the process can handle, while preventing too large of shifts due to unforeseen changes.

For example, AVA can be used to manage recycled content, and the min and max ranges can be set to prevent AVA from making too large of changes if an operator accidentally loads the wrong material.

The Reject Monitor is another great tool for controlling the process. This is a system in the iMFLUX software that allows tolerances to be set around important signals. If the tolerance is surpassed, the iMFLUX system can simply alarm, or it can send out Programmable Signal. This signal can be utilized to stop a robot, reverse a conveyor, or simply connect to a light on the press to alert a nearby operator.

Lastly, because the iMFLUX system operates on plastic pressure, the system will prevent unwanted pressure spikes due to an array or reasons and keep your mold and equipment safe from being over-pressurized.

These features are great tools to maximize the value of iMFLUX while increasing quality assurance.


iMFLUX brings many sustainability advantages to the table for the molder and brand owner.  There are baseline advantages and there are ways to maximize these advantages. Look for an upcoming blog article soon on this topic.


Customers are realizing many benefits when using iMFLUX, including lower pressure, reduced cycle time, greater process consistency, improved part quality, reduced part weight, lower scrap rate, and improved sustainability. Through owning education, leveraging AVA, utilizing the troubleshooting features, setting up process safeties, and optimizing sustainability advantages, the value provided by iMFLUX can be maximized. This is game changing value that could be sitting on every injection molding press. Don’t leave value on the floor! Contact iMFLUX today!  https://www.imflux.com/about-imflux/contact-us/