The Team

Our culture is built on the foundation of having a profound respect for others. We always do the right thing and we look for ways to help and trust each other in unexpected and surprising ways. As our team grows, we want to continue to focus on the things that matter to our employees – behaviors that cannot be easily summarized in a policy or bulleted on a company brochure. As employees, we love iMFLUX for being supportive, flexible and innovative in how it meets our needs as people, supporting each other to be the best and brightest at work and at home!

Jodi Hammock
VP, Talent and Customer Growth
Toi Clarke Jones
VP, Sales and Business Development
Dan Lumpkin
VP,  Mold Center Operations

iMFLUX is always looking for talented individuals.

Our Values


The humility of our organization inspires innovation. It begins with our leaders who look to our team to be experts in their areas, humbly acknowledging that we don’t know everything. There are no hoarders of knowledge here, iMFLUX is a true learning organization and it all stems from our culture of humility. We know that scaling a new company in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world requires continuous learning and adaptations…and that humility is truly a prerequisite to thrive in ambiguity.


This is not a policy or a process. Caring for others is owned by the team. iMFLUX is dedicated to supporting both our team and their families…and our customers and partners. This is an important part of who we are.


When duty calls, we roll up our sleeves and help where help is needed for our work, for our customers, and for each other. We know the joy and expectation of working for a startup. Sometimes, though, the work is especially demanding and requires effort and hours that are beyond the call of duty.


Our team courageously leads by constructively putting thorny, challenging issues on the table and bringing forward possible solutions and/or asking others for help. This allows the iMFLUX team to get all relevant eyes on problems quickly, to rapidly solve them and pivot to execute the new solution. Because of the trust and vulnerability we have with one another and the ownership we have in our collective company goals, this also means we can hold one another accountable to consistently bring our best efforts.


iMFLUX has hired the best in the industry in every facet of our business. With over 2,000 years of plastics, controls, mold making and skilled trade experience, our team consistently impresses our customers with their expert knowledge and skills across all disciplines and with our real-time collaboration to drive innovation and mastery at the “seams.”

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