Data Privacy Statement

iMFLUX will obtain your authorization prior to collecting and processing your personal data. Therefore, we ask you – as a very first step — to review our Personal Data Privacy Statement. If you decide you are not ready to submit your application or your personal profile to iMFLUX, simply sign out.

The information you submit for the iMFLUX job application process is to be complete and accurate. Providing false information during any of the steps of the application process will lead to your rejection or termination.

Use of Personal Information

  • Personal information is collected for the iMFLUX job application process.
  • iMFLUX may use your personal information to contact you anytime during your candidacy for employment, to send you announcements, or request other types of information as required.
  • iMFLUX may share your personal data with iMFLUX and Procter & Gamble (P&G) personnel in another country for further consideration unless you object to it in the job application questionnaire. This information will be treated in accordance with the legal requirements of the country of submission.
  • iMFLUX will not trade or sell your personal information to any third party without your prior consent. We will only share data with a third party contracted to provide employment verification services for iMFLUX or P&G and/or assisting with the iMFLUX or P&G’s recruitment process, or as legally required.

Your Choices Regarding Personal Information

  • At any time you may request information on your personal data collected by iMFLUX. You may request deletion or blocking of your data or unsubscribe from further communication by iMFLUX by contacting
  • Your data is kept on file for three years from the time of submission and can be updated by contacting