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You can access iMFLUX Process Education at the AIM Institute or through ASIC

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Modeling & Simulation

Jay Shoemaker, Owner

Injection molding simulation is our passion.  HL&S Consulting’s mission is to support organizations who need to develop and expand their capability to simulate iMFLUX. We can help you with simulating parts, training, and coaching on how to simulate iMFLUX.

Learning Management System

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Case Study Database

Case Study Database

The interactive database below pulls from process data across several industries and will allow you to estimate potential quantitative advantages from use of the iMFLUX Technology. Use the drop down menus to select the Machine Manufacturer, Material Family, Industry/Category and Cavitation that is closest to your need. As you change the requested variables, the raw data and graphs at the bottom will provide the corresponding output immediately for your assessment.

Due to customer confidentiality we cannot show part photos or provide explicit details. This database is also not to answer questions on qualitative measures (e.g., cosmetic improvement) or to quantify broader ROI opportunities (e.g., material substitution).

To learn more about how the iMFLUX Technology can benefit your specific operation, please contact ASIC