Humble Experts Seeking and Offering Help: AMBA & iMFLUX

iMFLUX is a plastics technology company with a diverse group of experts transforming the future of plastic injection molding with our low constant pressure process and a state-of-the-art Mold Building and Innovation Center (MBIC).    iMFLUX understands that workforce pipeline, personal relationships and overall competitiveness are all areas where ‘pressure cannot be low’ and that strengthening these areas is critical to success across the industry.  With that in mind, iMFLUX decided to team up with others to help us develop the most effective approaches to addressing these pressures.

Providing workforce development solutions, networking, benchmarking opportunities and industry promotion is core to the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) – it’s their mission statement.  AMBA’s vision is essentially a direct match to multiple areas where iMFLUX needs to progress. iMFLUX is constantly searching for

  1. Ways to up-skill its current team members and increase excitement and interest in mold building careers
  2. New relationships with companies, suppliers, vendors and their experts
  3. Understanding that drives improvement


The iMFLUX MBIC Lead Team has and is utilizing various AMBA offered training(s) to further develop the leaders of its future.  Leadership is not a position or title. It’s not safe to assume that you can pinpoint it on an organizational chart.  iMFLUX is attempting to create an environment that accepts and promotes the concept of leading from “where you sit”.  An iMFLUX team member sat through a leadership training delivered by Allyson Van Hooser, praising the same message. Our people, at large, are our future.

AMBA’s Emerging Leaders Network (40 & under) has been a great way to spark partnerships with other innovative, creative, and dedicated young professionals that demonstrate the same type of productive behavior we foster.


On November 10th, 2022, iMFLUX hosted an AMBA Plant Tour & Workshop. The theme was Automation and Fearless Innovation. This event was designed to allow AMBA mold building professionals to visit the iMFLUX facility and operations to see how iMFLUX approaches challenges, witness innovative solutions and help uncover areas of opportunity. Seventy-two industry experts representing 35 organizations attended. iMFLUX also transacted some business as a new polishing partner, Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales, left with a large set of MoldMAX cavity inserts to polish!


Are you competitive? How do you know? Prove it! The pre-AMBA days at iMFLUX were filled with the thought of benchmarking our competitiveness.  It wasn’t until joining AMBA and that iMFLUX was able to participate and reap the benefit of a Shop Rate survey that delivered rate comparisons anonymously across more than 20 mold making, engineering, and specialty services.  This has enabled iMFLUX to level set and apply pressure in areas of improvement to become more competitive.


iMFLUX learned the value of networking by leveraging the industry, making deeper connections and partnering with a broader group of experts. AMBA offers numerous opportunities to socialize, make connections & breed future business.  An example, was one of iMFLUX’s CAM Programmers, Jon Edwards, joining an episode of the Manufacturing Alliance podcast with Tony Demakis.

iMFLUX will also begin placing ads in the 2023 Sourcebook.  Being listed with other great mold industry companies is exciting and good business. Part of being listed in the Sourcebook includes the opportunity to join a competition where the winner will have an image of one unique, challenging, and successful mold build on the cover. This was a fun, competitive and meaningful way to create relationships while building your brand. Congratulations to the 2023 winner – Westminster Tool!


Let’s face it, the domestically based mold manufacturing space needs a boost. The industry must do its part in creating interest in these types of careers for all ages, especially our youth.  Nurturing leadership skills and partnering with companies that may be your competition is key to success for the industry.  iMFLUX wants to network with industry experts to spark connections that drive opportunity and progress.   Membership and utilization of the American Mold Builders Association is a large contributor to these goals.  Learn more at