Low Constant Pressure Injection Molding: How iMFLUX’s Technology is Blazing the Trail to Autonomous Molding

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The future of injection molding is here and iMFLUX is leading the way, transforming the plastics industry with innovative technology that allows for better quality, more efficient production, and lower energy use. The organization’s drive towards autonomous molding has garnered accolades from sustainability advocates, brand owners, and molders alike. Their groundbreaking work has even earned an Edison Award for innovation in an industry that has not seen transformational change in years.

While the conventional method of high-speed, high-pressure injection molding has been the uncontested standard for decades, iMFLUX is blazing a new trail that matches unparalleled efficiency with unprecedented sustainability. Meet low constant pressure injection molding: the versatile, efficient, and environmentally responsible path forward for the plastics industry.

Benefits of New iMFLUX Technology

Molders, brand owners, and sustainability leaders can all benefit from the move to low constant pressure injection molding. Molders can experience more efficiency and productivity due to reduced cycle time, better-quality parts, and longer mold life. Brand owners can also reap the benefits of lowered costs, material flexibility, and the ability to achieve sustainability goals. Sustainability leaders, in turn, can look forward to a more environmentally friendly way to process: using less energy and enabling the scalable use of sustainable materials. iMFLUX helps drive circular economy solutions at a critical time for environmental responsibility. 

So, how does it work? With low constant pressure and slow filling, the mold is filled, packed, and cooled in one phase. This method enables parts to be molded on smaller-tonnage presses and reduces cycle time. The process is a game-changer, taking injection molding into the 21st century across many industries including medical, packaging, telecommunications, and automotive.

iMFLUX Introduces the Green Curve

iMFLUX is disrupting the traditional molding process with a new technology that leverages software and a sensor in the nozzle to create closed-loop control, allowing for the design and production of even the most difficult parts.  iMFLUX calls this “molding on The Green Curve” to fill parts in one phase — without flow hesitation — by switching from velocity control to low constant pressure control. The company is working with molders, machine builders, material suppliers, and educators to expand the adoption of the Green Curve.

Energy storage solutions company Clarios has lauded the sustainability factor iMFLUX offers. Engineering Manager Brandon Meadors notes, “The Green Curve has proved invaluable in our effort to establish more processes using sustainable resins. Not only have we been able to increase our percent of regrind used, but we are seeing more consistency than ever before.”

Expanding What’s Possible on the Green Curve

Auto Viscosity Adjust™ (AVA) is a key feature of this cutting-edge technology. AVA identifies changes in viscosity, ensuring consistent filling time — all without requiring operator intervention. This exciting innovation allows continuous production by ensuring automated adjustment to most process variations, including machine, mold, environmental, and material. It can handle adjustments to regrind, colorant, and moisture or temperature, improving on conventional molding by letting the Green Curve adapt to larger process variation. 

iMFLUX and the Future of Plastics

AVA is one of several iMFLUX advances that have been gaining momentum in an industry ripe for change. Their revolutionary technology has even made its way into the curriculum of The American Injection Molding Institute (AIM) as cutting edge training and education for molding professionals.

John Beaumont, President of Beaumont Technologies, AIM Institute, attests to the organization’s bold innovation. “Today, iMFLUX has emerged as a method and a highly advanced control system that is providing a much-needed alternative to the way the industry currently thinks of injection molding.”1

With technology that is transforming the efficiency, quality, and sustainability of plastics manufacturing across the supply chain and in ever-expanding markets, iMFLUX is pioneering the future of autonomous molding.

To learn more about how iMFLUX technology can help your business, visit our website or e-mail us at info@iMFLUX.com. Stay tuned for exciting updates, including information about how our forward-thinking technology increases productivity and efficiency for molders.


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