Low Constant Pressure Molding Platform

Low Constant Pressure Platform

This box and software transforms injection molding from high pressure to low pressure
– and opens a world of possibilities.

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We feel like it [iMFLUX] gives processing opportunities that go outside the box of conventional processing with utilizing the low and constant pressure platform, which automatically monitors changing conditions and adapts in real time.”
Mike Ortolano, CTO and Co-Owner, Absolute Haitian

What’s iMFLUX

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The iMFLUX System


Compatible with virtually any machine from any manufacturer – hydraulic, electric, hybrid, new or old.

You can standardize across your operation – keeping it simple for your engineers and enabling state-of-the-art process control.

The iMFLUX Technology

The iMFLUX technology changes the injection molding process through closed-loop feedback that maintains low constant pressure.

This disruptive method automatically adjusts to viscosity and environmental variation. iMFLUX works on any machine, mold, or material. Business runs smoother, machine learning begins, and molding occurs uninterrupted.

The Green Curve

The Green Curve takes you from velocity control to low constant pressure control to pack as it fills the part with no flow hesitation and faster cycle time.

Re-invest lower pressure to run smaller presses, up-cavitate your molds, enable material flexibility, and design and run that impossible part.

Hear From The Inventor

What Makes iMFLUX Unique?

Auto Viscosity Adjust TM (AVA)

Seamlessly adjust to virtually any source of process variation, such as highly variable materials, and machine, mold, and environmental variation.

AVA intelligently makes real time decisions without operator intervention, keeping your production running smoothly.

iMFLUX Short Shot

Conventional Short Shot

Packs as it Fills

iMFLUX fills the mold slowly – so slowly that the material actually cools, densifies, and packs-as-it-fills.

Improved quality, faster cycle time, less sink, and lighter parts are a few of the many advantages this process provides.

No Flow Hesitation

Filling at low flow rates means flowing with no hesitation, since this would result in the material immediately freezing.

The iMFLUX control ensures the flow front progresses in all areas of the mold, providing perfect laminar flow and no potential for flow hesitation.

Designers can now tackle more challenging design features, mold thinner parts with longer flow lengths, and make difficult materials work for non-traditional applications.

Mold Impossible Parts

Join the Journey

Autonomous Molding

Plug in our box and let our software transform your machine from static to dynamic autonomous control.

With one touch you get predictable repeatable results. The software continuously makes intelligent decisions on the operators behalf. Sensing resistance, detecting change and optimizing your process and outcome in real time.

Autonomous Molding

Journey to Autonomous Molding

iMFLUX is on a journey very similar to the automotive industry, where eventually cars will drive themselves.

We see the future as injection molding machines operating without the need for constant operator adjustments, molding machines that are able to make intelligent decisions on behalf of the operator. The future is now – as iMFLUX is already adding intelligent control that automatically adapts to vast changes in a molding operation – large (even massive) viscosity variations, down cavities, leaking check rings, and shifting environmental conditions.



Your people will be able to focus on more value added work – since your lines intelligently stay running.

You will efficiently run recycled materials, use less energy, and produce less waste – for a happy planet.

Your company will profit – since iMFLUX improves operating efficiency, and reduces your cost structure.

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