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Today iMFLUX has emerged as a method and a highly advanced control system that is providing a much-needed alternative to the way the industry currently thinks of injection molding.”

John Beaumont, President, Beaumont Technologies Inc., AIM Institute

Injection Molding Machine Partners

Joint iMFLUX-Milacron customers have seen many benefits, including cycle savings, energy savings, scrap reduction, reduced tonnage, and tighter and more consistent part dimensions.”

Andy Stirn, VP Injection Machinery and Aftermarket NA, Milacron

We feel like it [iMFLUX] gives processing opportunities that go outside the box of conventional processing with utilizing the low and constant pressure platform, which automatically monitors changing conditions and adapts in real time.”

Michael Ortolano, CTO and Co-Owner, Absolute Haitian

We believe the iMFLUX technology is one of the most innovative technologies to come into the Plastics Industry.  It corrects many of the molding defects molders struggle with every day.  It is a pleasure to work with the iMFLUX team, to bring this technology to our customers.”

Dale Bartholomew, National Technical Manager, JSW America

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    Access iMFLUX process education courses in-person at the American Injection Molding Institute and on-site at our iMFLUX headquarters.

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