Our People

Gene Altonen

Chief Technology Officer

In 2012, Gene invented a new approach to injection molding plastics that uses constant plastic pressure rather than the traditional method of velocity controlled processing. This adaptive processing innovation provides many breakthrough advantages and eventually became the basis for the iMFLUX Company. As Chief Technology Officer, he continues to lead the innovations transforming the future of plastic injection molding.

At iMFLUX, Gene and his team continue the journey to autonomous molding, similar to the automotive industry, where cars will eventually drive themselves. In the industry, Gene continues to speak, author, and educate on the many benefits iMFLUX can have on your business. He holds over fifty patents with another fifty pending.

Gene joined the Procter & Gamble Company in June 1990 after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University’s School of Packaging. As a Director and Research Fellow, he spent the early portions of his career in P&G’s Beauty Care business. He later transitioned to an upstream corporate innovation role specializing in injection molding.

Gene Altonen Chief Technology Officer