Our People

Fearless Innovators Transforming the Future of Plastic Injection Molding

We’re an agile and collaborative organization of unwavering partners and innovative change agents. Our teams are always ready to lend a hand and do whatever it takes to make your goals a reality.

It’s a pleasure to work with the iMFLUX team to bring this technology to our customers.”

Dale Bartholomew, National Technical Manager, Japan Steel Works America, Inc.

iMFLUX History

We Began With the Challenge

to develop technology that would deliver molds in half the time and half the cost.

What we discovered was an adaptive low-constant-pressure injection molding process that broke every norm.

iMFLUX became a wholly owned subsidiary of P&G in 2013. Our team of innovators has been partnering with the world’s best machine suppliers, educators, and material suppliers to transform the future for our customers.

Our Team

Gene Altonen Chief Technology Officer

In 2012, Gene invented a new approach to injection molding plastics

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Gene Altonen
Chief Technology Officer
Mary Wagner CEO

Mary leads the iMFLUX organization of fearless innovators to help customers achieve breakthrough results.

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Mary Wagner
Kevin Wise CFO

As CFO, Kevin leads the many aspects of financial stewardship and governance.

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Kevin Wise
Toi Jones - iMFLUX VP Sales & Business Development

Toi brings an extensive background that enables her to understand current and potential iMFLUX customers’ needs.

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Toi Jones
VP Sales & Business Development
Jorge Diaz Headshot

Jorge leads iMFLUX’s Manufacturing & Operations, staffed by a team of top experts, with one fight, one win, your success.

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Jorge Diaz
VP Manufacturing & Operations
Jodi Hammock VP Talent & Customer Growth

Jodi has been instrumental in building iMFLUX into an agile and collaborative organization of unwavering partners and innovative change agents.

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Jodi Hammock
VP Talent & Customer Growth

Equality & Inclusion

iMFLUX Plastics News Best Places to Work 2022

Diversity Drives Innovation


iMFLUX employees are grateful to work for a company that values work/home life balance.   Meet some of our iMFLUX dads and read what having 8 weeks paid paternity leave has meant to them.

  • iMFLUX Parental Leave Family
    Jerry Jackson

    Having 8 weeks of paternity leave was such a relief, especially being a first time parent. I was able to focus on taking care of my son and letting my wife recover. I am very thankful iMFLUX has such a great parental leave policy!

  • iMFLUX Parental Leave Family
    Ethan Stiefel

    “My wife and I now have two children. With my son, paternity leave was bumped up to 8 weeks! iMFLUX not only gave this time, but encouraged and supported me going on Paternity Leave. I was able to keep my focus 100% on my family and will always be grateful for that time. iMFLUX cares about family… and they care about dads”.

  • iMFLUX Parental Leave Family
    Jesse Haggard

    “Having 8 weeks of paternity leave gives you a healthy amount of time for both initial time with a newborn and to feel safe going forward. I believe that team members work harder for a place that shows they care about employees and their families.”

  • iMFLUX Parental Leave Family
    Michael Bencsik

    “The paternity leave policy allowed me to really bond with my wife and son as our family started our new journey together. The policy shows that the company cares as much for our families as we do”.

  • iMFLUX Parental Leave Family
    Brandon Clark

    “An amazing blessing to be able to spend that time with the family. Being in manufacturing it wasn’t possible for me to take the 8 weeks consecutive because of the workload. Although, I was able to spread it out over 10 months and actually got quality time not only with my new son and wife but with my 3 daughters as well! Thank you iMFLUX!!!

  • iMFLUX Employee Marcia M.
    Jeff Moorman

    Receiving 8 weeks paternity leave is a great benefit to have as a father. It definitely shows you how much Imflux cares about you and your family. The transition from a family of 3 to 4 was so much easier with the paternity leave. It really lets you focus on what’s important…keeping family first

  • iMFLUX Employee Steve W.
    Steve Willis

    U.S. Army 1986-1988 Joining the military not only gave me great pride of serving our country but provided me many unforeseen benefits. Discipline & responsibility being two that stand out the most in my own mind, which has helped me succeed throughout my adult life. The boy that entered the Army was quite different than the Man that left.

  • iMFLUX Employee Rob G.
    Robert Greene

    Air Force 1987-1991 I started active-duty 13 Feb 1987 and served until July 31, 1991. My training was in combat communications equipment repair which led me down a detail-oriented path that ultimately led me here. My only regret was not staying on active duty until retirement.

  • iMFLUX Employee Brian H
    Brian Haggard

    Army & Army National Guard – 6 years I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve for my country, the United States of America. While it was always a belief of mine, my military experience helped root me in understanding the power behind unified people (no matter their making)!! This, along with the Army Values (LDRSHIP), is something that I make a daily attempt at carrying out in my life - both at home and professionally.

  • iMFLUX Employee Amista P.
    Amista Phillips

    Navy from 1998-2000 The time I spent serving in the US Navy taught me the meaning of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  I learned how to be inclusive to those who are not the same as I am, to celebrate the diversity of the military and strive for excellence with the help of my shipmates.  The lessons I learned in the military are still with me today, and I have the pleasure of sharing those lessons with my coworkers at iMFLUX.

We would like to thank all our iMFLUX Veterans and their family members for their military service. We honor your service and thank you for your courage, sacrifice, and commitment to keeping us safe.


The Educate Team helps foster safe learning environments, new conversations, and information and resources that build awareness and understanding.


The Change Team addresses representation, retention, and personal growth within our walls and the plastics industry.


The Influence Team spotlights our people, culture, and experiences through stories to help change both the plastics industry and the communities in which we live.

iMFLUX in the Community

Delivering holiday gifts to the Su Casa Hispanic Center

Founded in 1997, Su Casa Hispanic Center, is the primary provider of social, case management, family reunification, educational, and health promotion services to the Hispanic/Latino community in Greater Cincinnati.

Thank you to our iMFLUX Hispanics for their donations and care for others.

Give Back Days

Investment in the community is in our DNA. The iMFLUX team strives to make a difference by giving of its time and talents across a range of diverse non-profit organizations.

Living Lands & Waters River Cleanup

Give Back Days

iMFLUX volunteers packed snack boxes and pet food bags for seniors, helping address both hunger and social isolation for a growing population.

Meal on Wheels Volunteer Day


iMFLUX is an active partner with the Princeton Academy for Secondary Success, a transition program for 18-21 year olds. These interns work at iMFLUX with job coaches to develop skills needed to build both work and independent living skills.


Interested in transforming your future?


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For general inquiries concerning job opportunities, send email to:  careers@imflux.com