Case Study: AGS Technology Inc.

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Case Study:

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Leader in Recycled Plastics Injection Molding Drove Down Operator Invention & Scrap, With Better Quality & Cycle Time.


AGS Technology specializes in injection molding raw recycled feedstock resin into plastics parts.  This process is difficult for several reasons.

  • Viscosity of recycled feedstock is highly variable requiring frequent operator adjustments.
  • The variation and adjusting leads to problems in product quality.
  • Processing challenges drive high scrap levels.


AGS partnered iMFLUX to help them reduce operator adjustments, improve product quality, and reduce scrap levels.

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Operator Adjustments: Frequent to Minimized
Scrap Rate Reduction: 85%
Cycle Time Reduction: 7%
Pressure/Tonnage Reduction: 30%

  • iMFLUX has been called a game-changer for AGS, strengthening their competitive advantage.
  • AGS continues to expand iMFLUX across their site.
Molding recycled engineering-grade polymers directly from regrind provides our customers tremendous value, but operationally it can be very challenging with frequent operator intervention to maintain quality. Adding iMFLUX to our production cells has enabled our presses to run with less downtime and higher output. Quality has also improved, which frees up our operators to focus on higher-value work. iMFLUX is a game-changer for AGS.”
George Staniulis, Vice President, AGS Technology