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Case Study:

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International Injection Molder Lowers Pressure for Lighter Part Weight, Lower Costs, and Faster Cycle Times.


Hayco specializes in complex parts that require high levels of technology, product delivery, and design. These innovative parts often prove to be a challenge to mold.

  • Mold complexity required high pressure and tonnage, demanding larger presses.
  • To meet part demands, the process often overpacked the molds.


Hayco partnered with iMFLUX to mold parts at a lower pressure and reinvested pressure savings into fewer machines, lighter parts, faster cycle times, and lowered overall costs.

case study Hayco


case study Hayco

Up to 35% Weight Reduction for This Part*

* iMFLUX typically results in 1-3% weight reduction
Cycle Time Reduction: 16%
Part Cost Reduction: 17%
New Presses: 400 Ton vs. 500 Ton
  • iMFLUX allows for unique thin wall design that may not be possible with conventional molding.
  • Hayco was able to achieve weight reductions of up to 35% on some part components.
  • Hayco realized faster cycle times using fewer IMMs to make the same volume.
  • The autonomous nature of iMFLUX also reduced their reliance on highly skilled injection molding operators.
The benefits we have seen with iMFLUX has been a reduction in the cycle time of existing molds and also the ability with new tools to increase cavitation by up to 50%, which allows us to free up injection molding capacity and production space for other activities.”
Christopher Hay, CEO, Hayco