Fakuma 2018: Visit Milicron Hall B3, Booth 3203

Milacron to feature injection molding ‘firsts’ at Fakuma 2018

    Milacron (Cincinnati, OH) will once again be featuring its latest injection molding machine technology at Fakuma, Oct. 16 to 20, in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The

    company will also showcase Mold-Masters hot runner and control systems, DME mold technology solutions and industrial supplies as well as TIRAD high-precision mold bases at stand 3203 in hall B3.

    Milacron will debut the all-electric Elektron EVO 155 with iMFLUX technology at the show this year. The Elektron EVO was designed for a full range of applications in a wide variety of sizes. It uses 60% less energy and 90% less water than hydraulic systems, substantially reducing operating costs. Elektron’s stroke precision of servo-driven axes is significantly greater than top hydraulic systems, according to Milacron, making it ideal for the reliable production of precision parts.

    Also making its European debut is the new Milacron M-Powered suite of connected internet of things (IoT) solutions, a portfolio of easy-to-use observational, analytical and support services that give molders a competitive advantage through insight, said the company. M-Powered enabled machines currently include remote service capability with OEE and downtime analytics, and data collection with maintenance and parts recommendation intelligence.

    “IoT optimizes our service availability by creating a technical link between our customers and Milacron technical experts,” said Milacron’s Chief Marketing Officer Giovanni Spitale. “We use technology to be faster, more efficient and always available for our customers. We call it M-Powered.”

    Fakuma 2018 will also mark the introduction of an adaptive process control module for the M-Powered suite of products, extending the portfolio to include real-time adaptive process controls with the debut of iMFLUX technology on a Milacron injection molding machine. The technology provides real-time adjustment for mold and material changes.

    Consumer packaged goods giant Procter & Gamble developed iMFLUX in 2013, and it now operates as a wholly owned P&G subsidiary. The technology enables filling a mold at a lower, defined melt-pressure profile, allowing a variable filling rate that adapts automatically to part geometry. Using iMFLUX, molders can increase productivity by up to 50% on existing injection molding machines. The patent protected injection molding process will be on full display in Milacron’s booth in a work cell consisting of Milacron’s all-electric Elektron EVO 155 and a two-cavity iMFLUX mold producing a technical part at an estimated 15-second cycle time. The work cell also has a Mold-Masters hot-runner system and TempMaster SeVG+ controller with integrated temperature controls.

    Milacron will also introduce its newest and most advanced toggle machine to the

    European market at Fakuma 2018. The machine comes equipped with Milacron’s Endura Touch control interface and is available from 125 to 610 tons. The Quantum features Milacron’s new generation toggle machine technology that reduces energy consumption and lowers cycle times while meeting precision and reliability requirements.

    The Quantum 180 molding cell will be outfitted with a Mold-Masters E-Multi secondary injection unit, TempMaster M1 controller and an indexing rotary unit in combination with a 2K mold from Wilhelm Weber GmbH & Co. KG (exhibiting in hall A3, booth 3302). It will be molding a two-component squeegee commonly used in showers and to clean residential windows. The primary injection of a PC/ABS blend is processed via the Quantum machine followed by TPE injection from a Mold-Masters E-Multi unit. The total part weight is 72 grams running at a 50-second cycle time.

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