January 14, 2019

Today iMFLUX® introduces its most significant software advance in the Company’s 4-year history. The Software 8.0 Suite includes several new to the world features, enhances performance across existing capabilities, simplifies implementation and adoption of the “Green Curve”, and provides a sleek new intuitive user interface.

The key features 8.0 brings to the molding industry:


  • Discover Autonomy with Auto Viscosity Adjustment

    Enables resin flexibility and the use of inherently variable materials such as recycled materials. These benefits go well beyond what is currently available in the industry today. iMFLUX® software captures very subtle changes in viscosity, but also adjusts for extremely wide ranges of variation, allowing for the use of wide spec materials while still maintaining consistent part quality. This is a first step in a pipeline of technology iMFLUX® intends to introduce that will enable injection molding machines to operate autonomously, without the need for operator touches.

  • Gain Insight with Precision Shot

    This new technology eliminates the need for an in-mold cavity sensor, greatly simplifying the implementation of the iMFLUX® technology. For the first time, the processor can know the precise shot volume, and control part weight & dimensions with greater precision.

  • Increase Productivity with Process Navigator

    Provides a streamlined and intuitive user interface that puts iMFLUX® on par with some of the best-in-class user interfaces. The new interface simplifies operation, and enhances the processor’s ability to see, in real-time, what is happening in the molding system. The processor enjoys unsurpassed insight for how to maximize throughput, quality, and overall performance of the molding system.

  • Maximize Performance with Auto Process Tuning

    iMFLUX® tunes the process to the mold, machine, material, and operational environment. Machines are typically set up to handle a range of applications, rather than a specific application. This advance in process control fine-tunes the machine response to get the maximum possible performance, quality, and operational efficiency. The new 8.0 Software fully automates this function, making it much easier for the process engineer to master this feature with little or no training required.