Revolutionary Software for CNC Sinker Programming, EDM Today Magazine

Our EDM team technology is featured in EDM Today Magazine!

Our EDM Team was not satisfied with how the CAD/CAM package supported our specific application so they CREATED their own technology.   In our case it was Sinker EDM and the new technology was within our Siemens NX CAD/CAM platform. In the past year the EDM team has developed technology that is new to the industry of CAD/CAM. This technology is featured in the Fall issue of the EDM Today magazine. Our entire team (Gary Bare, Scott Smith, Jon Edwards, Brandon Clark, Jason Miller, Rick Snyder, Kyle Ghent ) were all pivotal pieces in the development and implementation of this potential industry changing technology. The technology has led to significant reductions in programming time and greatly reduced non conformances within the process area of EDM.

Click here to read the article by Kyle Ghent that is in the Fall Edition of EDM Today.  Congrats and THANK YOU to our amazing EDM Team.  We are super proud of your relentless pursuit of ongoing process improvement!!!

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