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Service is an integral part of iMFLUX’s culture and together with our OEM partners, we’re ready to help whenever and however you need us.

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Technical Service & Support

Solve your problems and enable anyone on your team to run iMFLUX.

Inventory & Service Agreements

Access parts when you need them and  get dedicated priority support with your service agreement.

Process & Software Support

Master the iMFLUX technology, maximize its benefits, and take full advantage of new software innovations.

Mold Service & Support

Optimize mold performance with onsite and remote mold start-up and troubleshooting.

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We’re ready to help and you can reach us at:

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Phone: (US) 833-4iMFLUX (833-446-3589)
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Education is Always at the Forefront

We are here to educate and empower your teams to deliver all the iMFLUX benefits.

Education is available in person, digitally, and on-demand/online.

AIM Education

You can access iMFLUX Process Education in person at the AIM institute or onsite at our iMFLUX Headquarters.

AIM - American Injection Molding Institute Logo

AIM is Offering Two Levels of iMFLUX Courses

Introduction & Applied
Introduction iMFLUX

Introduction to iMFLUX (2 days)

This course is for anyone interested in learning more about iMFLUX technology and process controls, how it works, and what practical applications could be for a business.

  • Understanding plastic flow in a mold
  • Conventional molding process (blue curve)
  • iMFLUX molding process (green curve)
  • iMFLUX contrast to conventional molding
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each
  • iMFLUX process levers and equation
  • Three molding demonstrations
  • Common applications & future developments
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Applied iMFLUX

Applied iMFLUX Processing (4 days)

This course is for those responsible for using or implementing the technology, including process technicians, engineers, or managers. This 4-day course dives into the process control functionality, process set-up and controls, and troubleshooting.

  • iMFLUX control functionality
  • iMFLUX process introduction & science
  • Controller function & navigation
  • Process set-up and levers
  • Sensor & process factor set-up
  • iMFLUX documentation & data interpretation
  • Control loop tuning and optimization
  • Troubleshooting techniques
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Education on Demand

(Coming Soon)

Our Learning Management System (LMS) will provide continuing education and learning materials.

LMS Site

Our Innovation & Education Center

Partner with nearly twenty processing engineers across thirteen molding machines for hands-on training.

Call for Education: (513) 488-1017

University Partners

We partner with universities and vocational schools to develop future fearless innovators through lectures, labs, and internships.